Church Contact

Welcome to Canadian Martyrs
Roman Catholic Parish

              712 - 12th Avenue, Invermere.
                 One block West of the hospital.

   St.Josephs Church is located on the East side of the highway in Radium.
 We welcome you to join and celebrate the Love of God with us.  

Click here for Letter from Bishop Gregory, August 13, 2020. pdf

Click Here for Crisis in Lebanon Campaign(pdf)

As we are back to our church for the Holy
Mass please follow these directions.

* If you wish to attend weekend mass, please
register your name(s) and phone number
before Friday 11:00 AM either via email: or phone
the church @ 250-342-6167. The maximum
number allowed to attend is 50 persons. The
church will be opened ½ hour before mass. On
weekdays there will not be a rosary before

* Practice social distancing, inside and outside the
church, 6 feet apart (2 metres).

* Ushers will be at the door to help and direct you.
An usher will get your name and check it on
the list. You will also receive a squirt of hand

* An usher will show you an available spot to be

* Masks must be worn by all attending.

* The final blessing will be given before Holy
Communion is distributed. After the blessing
go forward to receive Communion. Follow the
directions of the ushers. The plan is to minimize
close contact with other persons. In Invermere
Communion will be distributed to the
persons in the hall first.

* Receive Holy Communion on your hands, move
sideways to the spot marked and consume the
host. Replace your mask and proceed to the
exit. Sanitize your hands as you leave.

* There will not be an offertory collection taken
up, there is a basket at the entry and another at
the exit to receive your offerings.

* Please head right to your vehicle and leave. Volunteers
who are helping with the sanitizing
receive Holy Communion last and stay to help
with the sanitizing.

* There will be no singing. All the prayers will be

* Bathrooms are for emergency use only and user
must sanitize before and after use.

Your cooperation and patience are appreciated. The
practices we are following are in compliance with Diocesan
and Provincial Health regulations.


 Mass Schedule  

   Date               Time/ Place                Intention

Fri. Aug 07        9:00 Am     CMC             Mickey & Todd Snyder RIP
Sat. Aug 08     5:00 PM       CMC              Parishioners Intentions
Sun. Aug 09     9:00 AM      CMC             Charlie LaPointe RIP
Sun. Aug 09    11:00 AM     SJC             Josip & Mariya Smukavich
Mon. Aug 10     9:00 AM     CMC            Norm & Lisa Claffey
Tue. Aug 11     9:00 AM       CMC           Maria
Wed. Aug 12    9:00 AM      CMC           Joaquim
Thu. Aug 13      5:00 PM     CMC           NO MASS
Fri. Aug 14        9:00 Am      CMC          NO MASS
Sat. Aug 15      5:00 PM       CMC
Sun. Aug 16      9:00 AM      CMC        Parishioners Intentions 
Sun. Aug 16     11:00 AM     SJC
Sat. Aug 15       5:00 PM       CMC
Sun. Aug 16      9:00 AM       CMC     Parishioners Intentions
Sun. Aug 16     11:00 AM      SJC
Mon. Aug 17     9:00 AM      CMC     NO MASS—Fr. Jojo Away
Tue. Aug 18       9:00 AM     CMC     NO MASS—Fr. Jojo Away
Wed. Aug 19      9:00 AM     CMC     NO MASS—Fr. Jojo Away
Thu. Aug 20      5:00 PM      CMC     NO MASS—Fr. Jojo Away
Fri. Aug 21        9:00 Am      CMC      NO MASS—Fr. Jojo Away
Sat. Aug 22      5:00 PM       CMC
Sun. Aug 23      9:00 AM      CMC      Parishioners Intentions
Sun. Aug 23      11:00 AM     SJC 

Prayers of Spiritual Communion(pdf)


Weekend Mass Times  

Saturday  Please see instructions at the top of the page for important information.

                      5:00 PM Canadian Martyrs Parish, Invermere.

Sunday   Please see instructions at the top of the page for important information.

                        9:00 AM Canadian Martyrs Parish, Invermere.

                 11:00 AM St. Joseph Church, Radium Hot Springs.


Parish office  

712-12th Ave.
Activity Room upstairs in the Church
Phone: 250-342-6167

Mailing address

P.O. Box 128
Invermere, BC, Canada
V0A 1K0

Parish Priest                    
Father Jojo Augustine, MST

(Missionary Society of St Thomas, the Apostle)
Rectory Phone (250) 342-3233

Parish Secretary

Linda Snyder
Phone: (250) 342-6167
250-688-0168  (cell)

Office Hours:
Tuesday  9:30 - 2:30 
Wednesday  11:00 - 4:00 
Friday  9:30 - 2:30

Parish Information 

All of the events below are cancelled until further notice.

Special Events and Dates: 

              Cancelled until further notice.

Donations to Canadian Martyrs Parish

We are a tourist parish and depend on the generosity of our parishioners and visitors to keep the parish operating.
If you wish to contribute please mail a cheque to: Canadian Martyrs Parish P.O. Box 128, Invermere, BC Canada V0A 1K0
Thank you for your support. GOD BLESS!


Please note that if you receive a message asking a favour or a gift card in the name of Fr. Jojo, please do not respond as it is a scam.

Psalm for the Week

With the Lord there is mercy; in him is plentiful redemption.

                                             Psalm 129:7