How’s Your Garden ?

April 17th 2021

One Spring project which has allowed me to get outdoors of late is the garden. After we put last year’s patch of plantings to bed, we decided to rebuild the garden, to take the garden we had created and nourished over many years and redesign it into something that would   ▸

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Celebration in a Time of Covid

April 9th 2021

Now that the warming sun makes its appearance over the Rockies a little earlier each morning, the somber mood of Lent has been left behind us. The uplifting spirit of Spring and Eastertide is taking hold. Normally, we can be thankful for the great feasts of the liturgical year for   ▸

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Celebrations Remembered

April 2nd 2021

When I was growing up, our family often travelled to a nearby monastery to celebrate the major feasts of the liturgical year with the Franciscan Friars. It was always special. At Christmas, we joined in Midnight Mass and the welcoming of the Christ child into the world with the community   ▸

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The donkey carrying Christ

March 26th 2021

An interesting as well as challenging old fable tells of the colt that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. The colt thought that the reception was organized to honor him. “I am a unique donkey!” this excited animal might have thought. When he asked his mother if he could walk down   ▸

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