Our Lenten Experience

March 20th 2021

There is something about this season of Lent that connects us with suffering. And for most of us, this past year has seemed like an extended version of Lent. We have now reached that point in Lent when we look forward to its conclusion, much like this period of isolation   ▸

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We Are Custodians of Creation

March 12th 2021

The Amazon rainforests of Brazil are one of God’s great gifts to the planet. They provide the Earth with an irreplaceable ecosystem. The 390 billion trees of the Amazon rainforest capture massive amounts of carbon in their leaves, branches, and trunks. One study estimates these forests store some 86 billion   ▸

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As Lent Continues

March 6th 2021

There’s something about Lent that reconnects us to our spiritual roots. It carries the traditions of where we come from into the midst of where we are right now. I suppose there’s a bit of irony to this spiritual journey we are all on: it reminds us, as we seek   ▸

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Bill Has a Plan

February 26th 2021

Bill Gates heads up a large Foundation with his wife Melinda that has been tackling some of the worlds BIG problems...problems like global diseases, poverty, pandemics, educational needs of the third world and climate change. He has spent four years researching and working with scientists to produce his latest book   ▸

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