Attention to Climate - A Lenten Reflection

February 19th 2021

23,300....that's the number of wildfires California experienced last year alone. That’s 40% of the 58,000 plus wildfires across the US in 2020. Scientists tell us these fires are aggravated by rising global temperatures. Texas, now in a deepfreeze that has nearly brought down their entire electrical grid, is also a   ▸

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Our Desert Experience

February 17th 2021

Several years ago, while on a retreat, we spent a session on what was called “the desert experience”. It was about those periods in our lives when our interest in things spiritual dries up, when our attempts at prayer give way to other distractions and we find any efforts to   ▸

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The Way We Are

February 5th 2021

Since we began dealing with this pandemic, much of our time has been spent sharing our condition with those who would a distance. We have been denied the opportunity to share hugs and close encounters and that is not a good thing for social beings. Instead we isolate, we   ▸

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Forever Restless

January 30th 2021

On a recent “get-out-of-the house” walk, we stopped to chat with a neighbor couple and in asking how they were doing the reply came back, “Oh we’re just fine, just a bit cranky and anxious”. It was an honest response that might well apply to all of us right now...a   ▸

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