The Jericho Tree-Climber

November 2nd 2019

Traveling to Israel for the first time, I was amazed to find that, in spite of its endless historical sites, its rich farmland and sandy desert, one can venture from top to bottom in a matter of hours. Jesus’ world was a small world. Jericho, the site of today’s Gospel   ▸

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What’s It All About, Alfie?

October 20th 2019

How often have we found ourselves just drifting along in life without any clear sense of purpose, going with the flow and not giving much thought to why we’re here or what’s truly important to us ? Or, maybe we’ve just been too busy to stop and ask if the   ▸

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Welcoming Our Visitors

September 30th 2019

All of us, from time to time have the opportunity to attend Mass at a parish other than our own. This can be a warm and welcoming experience. Visitors attend most of our Masses at Canadian Martyrs and St. Joseph on both weekdays and weekends. We’re always a mix of   ▸

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A Reflection on the Good Samaritan

July 19th 2019

With so much news about the dire conditions refugees are experiencing at the US/Mexico border, the story of the Good Samaritan in our Sunday liturgy is a very timely one.  Pope Francis reflected on this “most beautiful (of) parables” in his Sunday remarks at the Vatican. To assist someone in   ▸

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