“ Could You Not Spend Just One Hour....? ”

February 18th 2020
Prayer has always been a struggle for me. Distractions of the day seem to creep into the conversation.  During Sunday Mass the repetitions of familiar prayers, the Gloria, the Our Father, often slip out of my mouth with little thought of their true meaning. These all too familiar words can unintentionally become my meaningless mumblings instead of the true spiritual encounters with God they are intended to be.. 
Heaven holds the souls of all who die in friendship with the Lord, and of all the angels as well. We enter into communion with Heaven at each celebration of the Eucharist. The Mass feeds and strengthens all of us who collectively make up the Body of Christ. It's a shared prayer, a shared presence and it’s the Holy Spirit working to build connections between each of us as we struggle to see the gifts, and not the limitations in each other and in ourselves. Our participation at Mass is a communal prayer, and when we show up...when we all show up...we do so in union with the entire Mystical Body. What we should know is, if we come to the Mass, if we come often, if we bring everything, we will find ourselves in fuller fellowship, fuller friendship and greater communion than we imagined possible. 
Reminder to myself: we are all in this together. This encourages me to make a greater effort to fulfill my part in this collective act of worship as I join with others to give glory, honor and praise to the source of all life, our Heavenly Father. It won’t be without distractions, but just being there is important. For “wherever two or more are gathered in my name, I am there with them...”              
                                         submitted by Tom