A Lenten Meditation

March 4th 2020
The Gospel of this First Sunday of Lent recounts the forty days that Christ spent in the wilderness praying, fasting and facing the temptations of Satan.
It’s a timely message for all of us as we begin our forty day journey to Easter, to the joy of the Resurrection.
This short meditation asks you to consider the desert experience of Christ as you walk your personal journey through this Lenten season.
It follows the format of the Sacred Space website. I hope you will find it helpful.

Take a moment to slow yourself into God’s presence. He is here, present with you at every moment;
He is present in those around you; in the activities of your day. Be aware of His presence.

Grant me Lord, the necessary grace to free myself of the excesses of this world.
May your grace give me the freedom to better love and serve you.

Consider the forty days of fasting that Jesus experienced in today’s reading; its highs, its lows.
What parallels of ups and downs do I experience as I live each day ?
Can I recognize the presence of the Lord in my daily encounters ?

I know Lord, that you are with me on this journey.
I struggle to find the right words to acknowledge and accept the reality of your presence.
Watch over me and open my heart to the joys and challenges of my life.

Today’s Gospel message reminds me of the the reality of Christ’s human experience, the challenges He faced as he accomplished his mission.
May it serve me as incentive to try harder, to do better.
Thank you Lord for these moments together and the comfort your presence gives me.

- submitted by Tom


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