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Our Journey Continues

As Summer winds its way down and hopefully, all the surrounding drought and wildfires with it, another season of parish activity is about to resume. There has been much turmoil recently involving sexual abuse of young children and others within the Church. This has been the elephant in the room that screams for more open discussion, especially from our Church leaders. We would all agree that this is not the Church we signed up for and, I believe is a call to action that we need to talk about, including in our Liturgy Corner.

Liturgy Corner has been exploring all matters liturgical since our Pastors and members of the Liturgy Committee began submitting material to our parish bulletin a few years ago. This has included a broad range of topics ranging from the seasons of the Liturgical Year to liturgical spirituality, music, celebration, encouragement and critique on matters of moral and practical relevance that effect our lives. We continue to seek and welcome your input on subjects discussed and also encourage you to put your thoughts to paper if you wish to submit something of particular interest to you. Fr. JoJo is the final stamp of approval on these submissions and would be pleased to hear from you.

We all grow from stage to stage in our lives and, like the liturgical seasons we celebrate year after year, we do so not in a linear fashion, but in an upward circular path toward our spiritual goal. Our lives have been influenced by many along the way: teachers, priests, parents and companions in faith. The liturgy we celebrate serves to deepen that faith and makes it ever new and ever real to us. It is our sincere hope that Liturgy Corner will support and encourage you on your journey as well.

—-submitted by Tom

Liturgy Corner

Why Remain Active In The Church ?

Recently I attempted to offer a few thoughts in this Bulletin on why Church attendance appears to be dropping off and requested feedback in hopes that it might initiate some discussion on the topic. Well, it appears that the topic was not as deserving of discussion as I felt and I received no response. I am not totally convinced that there is no interest in this subject and yet, it just may be that it’s not a matter to raise with those who remain in the pews. I still believe others have their own thoughts on the attendance drop-off and welcome their opinions.
So allow me to turn the discussion around and reflect briefly on why attending Church is important to me and why I intend to continue my active involvement. Here are a few suggestions:
> A love and appreciation of the Eucharist, our primary spiritual nourishment.
> A faith community that offers companionship with other believers and the inspiration that comes with sharing our faith.
> The witness of others’ faith and their support and involvement encourages and strengthens me to live out my own faith.
> A personal relationship with Christ that is disturbed by upheavals/positions taken by the Church but not to the point of leaving.
> Understanding and loving pastors and other men and women in parish ministerial positions who sincerely care about each other and the community.
> Homilies that clearly connect biblical insights to our personal life.
I realize that we are all fallible, and I choose to look beyond, to the center of my faith: Jesus Himself. He is important to me. My commitment to the Church comes down to this: this is where I find inner peace and a sense of spiritual belonging. I sincerely hope others have thoughts on this. What does your Faith mean to you ?

- replies to: big.tom@shaw.ca

Lectors Required

Please consider becoming a Lector.
Many people are uncertain of the proper pronunciation of many words in the readings. Please see the PDF below called "How to Pronounce Words in the Readings"

PDF How to Pronounce Words in the Readings